The History in Your Hands Foundation (HIYHF) is a not-for-profit organization that uses historical objects such as coins, maps, antiques and other authentic material to aid in the teaching of U.S., world and ancient history. Our goal is to provide students the opportunity for hands-on interaction with historical objects thereby arousing interest and enjoyment in history through an enriched learning experience. HIYHF will work in cooperation with museums and educational institutions to provide programs that bring history into our children's hands to help promote a deeper understanding of the world. Programs can be catered to school curricula and work harmoniously to enrich the lives of America's youth.

The History In Your Hands Foundation is now the official sponsor of the Chicago International Map Fair. All of the net proceeds from the map fair will be donated to this wonderful and innovative non-profit organization. Together we will provide an enriched learning experience for younger generations through one on one interactions with fine historical objects. For more information about the History In Your Hands Foundation, including how to bring an event to your school, get involved, or donate, please visit their official website